Your entire closet at your fingertips...

Whether a closet is large and luxurious or it’s necessary to make the most of a smaller space, the Luxe Wardrobe Automation conveyor system works perfectly to create more space in the space you have. Needing to maximize every inch of valuable real estate, the typical single closet rod is inefficient and a barrier to getting the most out of wardrobe space.  Installing the automated carousel like system ushers in a world of possibilities for organizing and enjoying your closet.

The Luxe Wardrobe Automation conveyor is customized to your specifications with your choice of single and double tier, unlimited lengths, desired height, and a choice of four installation options. It is a dynamic product which is easily installed in new or existing closets, runs on standard household current, and is quiet, sturdy and reliable. It is the ultimate application of practicality, efficiency, visibility, and accessibility with luxury thrown it for good measure.

Luxe Wardrobe Automation Conveyor Features:

  • View and access garments effortlessly with the press of a button
  • Clothes hang freely, reducing wrinkles and damage
  • Vital and more efficient use of available square footage (minimum space 6’ x 4’- 4”)
  • Single or Double tiers in unlimited lengths available to customize your space
  • Computerization available for residential and commercial applications
  • A foot switch easily controls the bi-directional motor
  • Easily installed / runs on standard household current
  • Quiet, sturdy and reliable
  • Virtually maintenance free

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“My friends are totally jealous! I love that…and my Luxe conveyor!”