All of your garments... at your beck and call.

The Luxe Wardrobe Automation conveyor system lets you view and access your clothes at the push of a button, delivering them to you, hanging freely and unwrinkled. Most importantly, you can hang up to four times the number of garments that you could put on a standard closet rod, in the same linear space. 

Each customized Luxe conveyor is the ultimate application of practicality, efficiency, visibility and accessibility. The carousel-like system is available in single or double tiers in unlimited lengths to customize your space. The conveyors are easily installed in new or existing closets, run on standard household current, and are quiet, sturdy and reliable.                                                                    


>> Residential Products

  • Vital and more efficient use of available square footage
  • Deliver clothing quickly with the touch of a button
  • Garments delivered hanging freely and unwrinkled
  • Similar or less cost than many closet solutions
  • Quiet, sturdy, and reliable

>> Commercial Products

  • Vital and more efficient use of available square footage
  • Perfect for commercial coat check solutions
  • Ideal for theatrical costumes, band and hotel uniforms
  • Create eye catching displays in retail stores and windows
  • Increase value and buyer appeal with cutting edge technology

"The Luxe Wardrobe Automation system is no longer a wish list item but a standard appliance.”