Small space... big style.

Luxe Wardrobe Automation manufactures unique, high quality, streamlined conveyors which are perfect solutions for coat checks, store windows, retail displays, uniforms, costumes, as well as many other commercial applications. In view of current construction costs per square foot, certainly an essential concern is the most efficient use of space. Luxe conveyors maximize every valuable inch, while providing organization and ease of access.

Home Builders, Theater Constumes, Retail Display & Storage, Coat Check, Uniforms

Offered in single and double tiers and in unlimited lengths, the Luxe conveyors are each customized to your specifications. The smallest conveyor, the Standard Oval Single Tier Conveyor (6’ x 4’- 3”) will easily hold 200+ garments. Luxe user friendly computer and software is available to facilitate easy, efficient access to garments.

Luxe Wardrobe Automation Conveyor Features:

  • Vital and more efficient use of available square footage (minimum 6’ x 4’- 3”)
  • Bi-directional motor easily controlled by foot or wall switch
  • Easily installed in new or existing spaces / runs on standard electrical current
  • Quite, sturdy and reliable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • ADA Compliant
  • Computerization available to access garments efficiently
  • Over 1,000 powder coat colors available

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“The Luxe Wardrobe Automation system is no longer a wish list item but a standard appliance.”