Clients love Luxe Wardrobe Automation!


“After specifying, installing and actually owning two of your closet conveyor systems, I can only ask you one question, ‘What took you so long to get the word out!’ The Luxe Wardrobe Automation system is no longer a wish list item but a standard appliance.”
- Ralph Sevinor, Chestnut Hill Estates Lynn, MA

“Being in a wheelchair, it is always a challenge for me to reach my hanging clothes. The closet conveyor enables me to have all of my clothes right at my fingertips.”
- Timothy Faith, Austin, TX.

“My customers are thrilled that their wait time to check and retrieve their coats has been cut in half.” 
- Marcus Elfman, NYC

“I had a Luxe conveyor installed in my custom designed closet. It has allowed me to have all of my hanging clothes on one side of my closet and use the remaining space for built-ins. My builder was impressed with how easy it was to install. I am a huge fan!”
- Lila March, Seattle, WA

“My customers are impressed with my upgrade to the Luxe coat check upgrade and appreciate getting in and out of my restaurant more smoothly.”
- Sheldon Halt, Washington, DC

“My friends are totally jealous! I love that…and my Luxe conveyor!”
- Angela Duff, Adelaide, Australia

“I put a large Luxe Double-Tier in a home that I built in Palm Desert. It was so popular I feel that it definitely helped sell the house quickly.”
- Jeff Hartzman, Palm Desert, CA

“If we ever have a need for you products on another project, I will be sure to contact you.”
- James Shupe, Renovations Surpass, Grand Rapids, MI

“I enjoyed the easy process of ordering and receiving my conveyor in three weeks. Lots of personal attention to details and the conveyor is perfect!.”
- Andrew Haskins, Boston, MA

“With the Luxe conveyor I could cut my coat check room to half the size and make my club entry larger. Extremely happy with my decision.”
- Hal Blasberg, Salem, MA

“I thought my closet design could not get any better…it has! My Luxe conveyor is fantastic and I am so organized!”
- Albin Stein, Los Angeles, CA

“My Luxe conveyor makes my life easier because now I can see all of my clothes every day. No more clothes squished in the back of my closet.”
- Meg Fransen, Denmark

“I’m afraid this has become the draw into my restaurant – customers love it. A practical purchase and a great company to work with.”
- Rene Gagnon, Ottawa, Ontario

“After my remodel my closet was way too small – the Luxe conveyor saved me…”
- Ana Goldman, Manhattan, NY